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Disability FAQ

Social Security Disability - Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  I signed up for Social Security Disability, now what do I do?

Basically, hurry up and wait.  You can expect to hear something back anywhere from 2-6 months.  Don't be upset if you get denied; it seems most people do the first time. 

Q.  What do I do if I get denied?

After you get a denial, you immediately go to a lawyer so they can help you with an appeal.  If the appeal gets denied, then they will help you get a court date to have your case go in front of a judge.  Some people choose to represent themselves (and not use a lawyer), however this is not recommended.  You're going to be dealing with courts, judges and legal matters; your best bet is to hire people who are used to this setting - these people are lawyers and paralegals.  They know what they're doing and are sure to cover details you are not even aware of.  We recommend going to lawyers who specialize in representing Social Security claims.

Q.  Why/when do I need a lawyer?

Most lawyers will not even take your case until you have already been denied.  Lawyers who are used to dealing with judges and social security cases are the ones you want to talk to; they'll usually advertise this type of thing.  As stated above, there will be details and advice they can give you that will save you a lot of time and money.  After interviewing many patients, our experience is your chances of getting your social security disability case approved is much higher with a lawyer.

The lawyer will generally want a percentage of your backpay or the amount of money you'd win; this is OK, they're worth it, as you will probably not get it without them.  A lot of lawyers who specialize in Disability will look over your case first and then tell you if they will take it; most of them will not even take your case if there's a chance they won't win.

Q.  I got denied because I didn't have enough medical evidence; what do I do?

This is the most common reason most people get denied for social security benefits.  Remember, it's not necessarily what's wrong with you that will get your case approved, it's what your doctors say about you in their notes!  If you haven't been to enough doctors to support your case, obviously you will not have enough evidence.  You will also not have enough if you've been to the wrong type of doctors.

If the main reason you can't work is because you have a bad back, then you'd better have specialists that can provide supportive data proving this.  If this is the case, you will need a primary care physician and then a combination of other specialists, orthopedic doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors.  If all you have is a primary care physician, you will get denied as he is not a specialist in what's wrong with you.

It's also important that you use doctors who know you and can vouch for you.  Make your Social Security case with doctors who you've visited more than a couple times.  Emergency room visits and free clinic appointments are generally not the best type of evidence; if this is all you've got (and haven't been to any primary care doctors or specialists), you'll have trouble getting disability.

Q.  I didn't go to any doctors and Social Security is helping me by sending me to one of their doctors; is this possible?

Come on.... do you really think Social Security is going to 'help' you come up with evidence?  Why would they do that?  If they were going to do that, then why don't they just write you a check.  Remember the doctor they send you to is getting paid by Social Security.  If he recommended that everyone needed disability do you think Social Security would continue to send patients to him?  Of course not; he knows this and now you know it.  Seriously, if Social Security sends you to one of their doctors, you have to go or it looks bad for your case.  They only send you if you're lacking evidence for your case, so there's a good chance you'll soon be getting a rejection letter in the mail shortly after visiting one of 'their' doctors.

Q.  I've been denied by Social Security because I didn't have enough medical evidence.  I'm not able to work and haven't been able to in a long time; I wasn't able to afford to go to any doctors and I still can't.  How am I going to come up with evidence if I can't afford to go to any doctors?

Yes, this is a problem for a lot of people.  That's why we offer a 'Disability Package' at Blue Ridge Family Chiropractic & Diagnostics.  We offer a short package of evaluation/treatment at our clinic put together for the specific reason of providing you with evidence for your case.  It includes a complete musculo-skeletal exam with orthopedic testing, x-rays, range of motion testing, thermographic instrumentation, several treatments and a full narrative report.  It also includes a follow-up exam and update report.  We offer this package for ONLY $299!  We also offer payment plans if needed.  We'll even offer you a NO CHARGE consultation so it doesn't cost you anything.  CLICK HERE if you'd like to schedule your NO CHARGE consultation now!

Q.  I need disability but I also need treatment, what can I do?

We would be glad to offer you a NO CHARGE consultation to see if we can help your case and/or your condition in any way.  If you qualify for our program, you will get to have several treatments and this will give us a good indication if our type of treatment might help.  If you start to respond and want to follow through with more treamtents we will be glad to discuss discount packages we also offer.  If you have to wait for treatment until after you get approved for disability, we accept Medicare Part B.  We do not accept Medicaid.

Q.  How do I qualify for your 'DISABILITY PACKAGE'?

It's easy.  You have to have something wrong with your back or your joints.  Cases we (chiropractors) can support are back/neck pain cases, degenerative disc disease, bulged/herniated discs, migraine headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis, nerve damage and any other joint related problems.  If you can't work because of hearing loss, we can't help your case - and you won't qualify for our package.  If you have a bad back and a lame leg, we're the ones to call.

Dr. Levesque, DC is a doctor of chiropractic licensed in the state of Virginia, he is not a lawyer.  The information listed above is taken from his own experience from the last 13 years in practice.  It is informational only and not to be used as legal advice.  Any questions you have about Social Security Disability should be answered by licensed law professionals.

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