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Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic Testing at Blue Ridge Family Chiropractic

At Blue Ridge Family Chiropractic & Diagnostics, getting results with your condition is of utmost importance to us.  An accurate and timely diagnosis is integral to getting you back on track to good health.  The fact is, certain important information can be gathered from specialized testing that is not available through physical examination alone.  This is why we offer various types of diagnostic testing at our clinic.  

scopeBefore we physically examine you at Blue Ridge Family Chiropractic, we have a thorough discussion (30-45 minutes) of your past, present and family medical history.  After range of motion testing, we start an instrumentation exam.  We use an instrument called a Nerv-o-scope; it measures heat given off from inflammation in your spine.  The instrument is painless to use and not only helps us find exactly where your spinal problems are, but also monitors your condition as you’re getting better.  This instrument is specific to Gonstead Chiropractic care, however other chiropractic techniques have also adopted it.    

We see a variety of cases in our clinic.  Obviously we treat a lot of low back pain, neck pain, herniated discs and pinched nerve patients.  We also see a lot of patients who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, arm, leg or wrist pain, numbness and migraine headaches.  Diagnostic testing helps us distinguish whether or not your pinched nerves are becoming damaged.  It also helps us tell whether your leg pain is coming from a pinched nerve or a blocked artery in the leg.   

Vascular Testing 
Arteries and veins in the legs, arms, and neck can be tested using non-invasive (no needles) and ultrasound imaging technology to measure blood flow and blood pressure.  No dyes or x-rays are necessary for this painless testing. Vascular testing helps to accurately document the presence, location and severity of disease within the vascular system.  Abnormal blood flow is a significant threat to many individuals and this type of testing is a useful tool in diagnosis. 

Numbness, resting pain, pain in your limbs, swelling in your limbs or coldness in your arms, legs, hands or feet may indicate a reason to have vascular ultrasound testing performed.  You may also need it if you have a history of smoking or heart disease in your family.  You should get vascular testing every few years to make sure your blood vessels aren’t clogging.  

Studies using vascular testing can help to prevent serious problems like stroke and heart problems through early detection. These specialized studies use computer analysis monitoring blood pressure in various locations, while using ultrasonic technology to gauge blood flow.  Simply sit back and relax; the tests are completely painless, although you may feel some pressure while you are being monitored.   us nurse

Neurological Testing
Neurological testing is an important procedure of diagnosing disorders and health in the nerves, muscles, spinal cord and the brain.  Neurological testing measures the speed and intensity of the electrical signals that travel along the nerve pathways; and can detect abnormalities that can be the signal of serious problems.

We offer non-invasive (no needles) testing for your comfort and convenience.  A tiny electrical pulse stimulates the nerve by surface electrodes.  Specialized computer monitoring analyzes the data received and records measurements for later interpretation by our neurologist.  The test feels like a slight tingling sensation for a millisecond (much like a TENS unit). 

This type of testing is used on patients who have back or neck pain, radiating pain, arm or leg pain, numbness, weakness or tingling.  We also offer similar testing on the auditory and visual pathways in the brain for patients who suffer with headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, migraines or hearing loss (called BAER/VEP). 


After these types of tests, you can immediately go back to your normal activities (unless Dr. Levesque, DC instructs you not to).  There are no side effects to any of these specific tests.  Your test results are sent immediately to a Board Certified Neurologist who prepares an in depth report based on your test raw data. We generally get the results back within the week and we will explain them to you as soon as we get them, highlighting any areas of concern if any.  Many times, we will recommend or re-adjust your treatment plan based off of any relevant test data.  Most health plans cover the costs of this testing.  Our office always calls to verify coverage for you by contacting your carrier before testing. 

If you have any of these symptoms: low back pain, neck pain, resting pain, pain that radiates into your arms or legs, numbness, weakness, tingling, headaches, dizziness, memory loss, leg cramps, hearing loss or any of the symptoms/conditions mentioned earlier in this article, consult with Dr. Levesque, DC as to whether you would benefit from diagnostic testing. 

We would be glad to offer you a NO CHARGE consultation and exam; call us at 276-676-3111 to make an appointment.

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