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ATTENTION Fibromyalgia Sufferers!

ATTENTION Fibromyalgia Sufferers!


Fibromyalgia cases are our favorite patients!  At Blue Ridge Family Chiropractic, Dr. Levesque, D.C., has taken a special interest in this condition over the last 10 years.  We have developed a program that has had wide success with many of our patients over the years, providing them with much lasting relief.  In many cases, our treatment program has not been a complete correction of this problem, however most of our fibromyalgia patients notice significant improvements to their pain and fatigue levels.

We have found that there are multiple causes of fibromyalgia, while the symptoms of fibromyalgia remain the same in most patients.  Most patients who have fibromyalgia suffer with chronic pain and extreme fatigue.  Many have headaches, allergies, joint pain and swelling, low back pain, neck pain, leg and/or arm pain, numbness/tingling in their hands, depression and severe insomnia.  The fibromyalgia patient's pain generally switches locations frequently and the patient complains their pain 'moves around'.   chronic fatigue

Despite having many of the same symptoms, we've found causes/onset of the condition differs greatly.  One similar onset is the patient having a history of emotional trauma just prior to the onset of Fibromyalgia.  We have also seen the onset of Fibromyalgia with chemical over-exposure; patient's who have been poisoned or over-exposed to some type of chemical, medicine, metal or toxin suffer with symptoms that would classify them as having fibromyalgia.  Finally, we have seen Fibromyalgia start up in patients directly following a physical trauma, a bad fall or car wreck, for example.

We have also found that most of the sufferers of Fibromyalgia are women with a smaller percentage of men who have it.  They range in ages of early 20's to mid-60's.  If you have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, we highly recommend a multi-disciplinary approach; this means you will need several different types of doctors to help you.  You will need a good medical doctor to prescribe pain medication for your worst days and anything else they think might help.  You will also need a good chiropractor to help you rebuild your health again.  You will need one who is well-versed in nutrition, vitamins and who practices a method of chiropractic that is accurate, specific and relies on a monitoring system to make sure you don't get overtreated.  This is why we use Gonstead Chiropractic and have great success with these cases.

If you have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, it's an excellent idea to look into our Fibromyalgia Program.  Our Program focuses on two main aspects that we feel get to the 'root causes' of this condition:  1. Relief of the patient's symptoms and restoration of function by the correction of pinched nerves in the body (we do this with the Gonstead Method of Chiropractic); and  2. Correction of nutritional deficiencies and food sensitivities through the use of individualized nutrition programs.  Before any treatment, we always take the patient through a series of specific tests to ensure a correct diagnosis and help us tailor a program that would produce the best results.  Depending on the case, these may include instrumentation,  nerve and/or vascular testing, diagnostic ultrasound, x-rays, medical allergy testing and muscle response testing to name a few.

Here's the best thing about our Fibromyalgia Program...... All of our testing and treatments are completely natural AND PAINLESS!  

If you would like to read testimonials from some of your patients who have been through our Fibromyalgia Program, CLICK HERE.

If you would like a NO CHARGE Fibromyalgia Severity Evaluation and Consultation with Dr. Levesque, DC to discuss your Fibromyalgia concerns, call us at 276-676-3111 to schedule an appointment.



*Please Note:  Some of the above statements are strictly from Dr. Levesque's clinical experience and are not from peer reviewed articles.  Some of the information is from peer-reviewed articles, as follows:
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