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I was sick with Fibromyalgia for the last 5 years; always sore and so fatigued I couldn’t do anything. It only took me a few treatments with Dr. Levesque and my energy levels started to improve. Now, all my pain is gone and I have more energy than I ever had in my life! I’m even sleeping better! - G. Lasley, Glade Spring, VA.

Dr. Levesque is the only doctor who really ever seemed to understand my problem. I became a patient immediately! I’ve had Fibromyalgia for 10 years but I started noticing a change in my energy levels after just a few treatments. My family even noticed I was doing better and now my grandkids won’t let me miss a treatment!  - J. Doane, Cedar Bluff, VA.

I received a number of mailings from Dr. Levesque so I decided to come see him. His treatments have been the only thing in the last 15 years that has made a great difference in my Fibromyalgia. I drive 1½ hrs. (one way) for weekly treatments - and I won’t miss! - P. Keene, Grundy, VA.

I was skeptical at first, but I stuck with it anyway. Boy am I glad! Just three months into the program, I started feeling A LOT BETTER! Now it seems I’m almost completely well, almost like I never had Fibromyalgia at all! Dr. Levesque really knows what he’s doing with Fibromyalgia. - J. Smith, Blountville, TN.

I came to Dr. Levesque because of an ad that I saw in the paper. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 3 yrs. ago and feel like my life was stolen; I was in such constant pain, I couldn’t do anything. Even the slightest task exhausted me completely. After several months of treatment with Dr. Levesque, I started noticing a difference in my energy and pain levels. I am not done with treatment yet, but I am slowly getting better and better. I am starting to be able to do more things now and I just know I’m going to get completely pain-free and well again. I thank God everyday for Dr. Levesque’s treatment. - B. Anderson, Bristol, TN.

I was a hair dresser for many years until the pain and fatigue of fibromyalgia just became unbearable. Pretty soon I couldn’t even work anymore. Then the fatigue got so bad I could barely even do any housework. I was in pain constantly. It took me a while with Dr. Levesque’s treatments but slowly but surely I started to do better. My Irritable Bowel Syndrome was the first thing to change; this alone was worth it. Then my energy level started to improve and my pain levels went down to nothing. He’s done a great job and knows a lot about this problem.  -M.Jessee, Lebanon,VA.


Social Security Disability 

I was in a bad car accident and suffered a broken pelvis and other severe injuries that left me unable to walk for a long time.  I was left with several disabilities and can no longer work.  Dr. Levesque helped me provide evidence to Social Security and I was awarded Disability benefits immediately.  I still come to him for treatments. T.Gilmer,  Bristol, TN. 

I’ve been denied for disability 4 times and been trying for years.  My lawyer told me that a chiropractor wouldn’t help my disability case.  Boy was he wrong; it was Dr. Levesque’s report they were reading off of when I got my approval!  F. Quesenberry, Meadowview, VA. 

I have fibromyalgia really bad and couldn’t work anymore.  I tried for disability and was denied several times.  It was Dr. Levesque’s report that made the difference and I was finally approved for benefits.  He’s also the only one who’s treatment has made any difference in my condition; I still come to him for treatments.  M. Jessee, Lebanon, VA. 

I worked for as long as possible until my body just wouldn’t let me continue.  I signed up on disability and got denied.  The lawyers I talked to didn’t really have a lot of advice for me.  Dr. Levesque is the only one who helped me strategize about what the next step was.  It was his report that made the difference in my case when I got approved.  H. Crumpton, Grundy, VA. 

I’ve been to loads of doctors over the years and had plenty of evidence but I kept getting denied.  I couldn’t figure out why.  Then I got some mailings from Dr. Levesque about Disability.  I made an appointment and his Disability Package was all I needed for my case to get passed through. B. Testerman, Jonesborough, TN. 

I had fibromyalgia and lost my ability to work, so I came to Dr. Levesque for help.  He helped me get my disability approved with his reports, but I felt so much better after his treatments I decided to start working again!  I have since sent many people to see him and they too are happy they went!  R. Blevins, Bluff City, TN. 

I injured my back at work and the worker’s comp doctor cornered me into having a back surgery.  I’ve been in extreme pain and completely disabled ever since.  They fired me at my job and I’ve become totally disabled since the surgery.  Then they denied me for disability several times.  It was Dr. Levesque’s report that got my disability approved.  I still come to him for treatments as he has been the only one to make a difference in my condition.  M. Watson, Clinco, VA. 

I’ve been denied for disability for almost 5 years.  No one could tell me what I was doing wrong.  It was Dr. Levesque’s report that made the difference when I got approved!  S. Ridpath, Hazard, KY.

I've had trouble in my back for a long time and slowly found I couldn't work anymore.  Dr. Levesque greatly helped my case (and my back) with the report he wrote and I got my Disability approved.  I was also going through a Veteran's Administration disability case and his report helped me with that as well - winning more benefits the government owed me.  M. Mullins, Grundy, VA.

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